Behind the beauty of "Destin Florida".

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Name : Destin Florida
Located : Okaloosa County , Florida.
Description : Destin is famous for its white beaches and emerald green water. Coming from a small fishing village, now a popular tourist destination.
  According to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection over 80 percent of the 4.5 million visitors Emerald Coast visit this place. The nickname for this place "The world's most fortunate with the Fishing Village", and claimed the biggest place where fishing boats in Florida.

  The sand on this beach is one of the white sand in the world. The sand came from the Appalachian Mountains, and is made of fine quartz crystals. Residue flows down the Apalachicola River and deposited into the Gulf of Mexico. Because flows west drift of sand along the Gulf Coast and settles from east of Panama City to the Alabama coast.

   In this place, on his afternoon, sunset landscape will look very amazing. Are accompanied with a stretch of surf and breeze from the sea, staring at the sun add to the atmosphere in this place is very marvelous and unforgettable one, more if you're with the beloved. Being a romantic atmosphere right place.
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