Visiting the "National Museum Singapre".

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Name : Asian Civilisations Museum (ACM)
Located : Singapore.
Description : Asian Civilisations Museum (ACM) is an institution part of the three museums of the National Museum of Singapore. This museum is one of the pioneer museum in the region to specialize in pan-Asian cultures and civilizations. This museum specializes in historical materials from China, Southeast Asia, South Asia and West Asia, where ethnic groups are diverse Singapore trace their ancestry.

   Just as its name implies, the Asian Civilisations Museum (ACM) presents a pan-Asian perspective on the rich cultures that made Asia what it is. It is one of the National Museums of Singapore guided by the National Heritage Board. Singapore’s first settlers came from many different areas of Asia relatively recently, but their cultures went much further back in time.

  Another gallery exhibits works of Islamic artists. Visitors will see that their calligraphy was highly specialized to honor their relationship with Allah and that, for this reason, the Qur’an was beautified with gold. Complex shapes would form from the verses and many of the Qur’an stands reveal embedded tortoise-shells and pearls. What is even more special of this gallery is that it recreates the interior of a mosque so that visitors enter while facing the customary direction of Muslim prayers. A projector showcases images of mosque architecture to complement this element. The work of Islamic scholars is also exhibited; astrolabes that assisted Muslims in their travels are on display. One particular exhibit, the Kwek Hong Png China gallery, has a dragon-like pathway and only further highlights the importance that dragons have in Chinese culture. Nearby, an impressive Dragon Robe is hung for all to see.
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