Karang Nini Beach

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Name : Pantai Karang Nini
Located : Emplak Village, District Kalipucang, Ciamis, West Java, Indonesia.
Description : Along the road from the gateway to the location, you'll enjoy the coolness of teak forest with the wild rhythm. Not only that, in some parts of this road would be served panorama of the beach in the distance with the background Sagara tillers. It was an unforgettable sight when you arrive at the sunny weather.
    Tourist attractions Karangnini is natural which is a mix of forest and beach. Expanse of teak forests and dense jungle linked with the ocean, the behavior of the waves and ended up in the sky blue sky that formed the horizon line in the distance, is a natural charm that keeps the mystery of God's greatness and majesty.
   On the beach lay the rocks, one of which resembles a grandmother (nini in Sundanese) who are waiting for the grandfather, so the place is called Coast Karangnini.
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