Sanur Beach

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Name : Pantai Sanur
Located : Municipality of Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia.
Description : Sanur Beach is one of the attractive beaches on the island of Bali. This beach has a length of 3 kilometers with a coastline facing the east. Sanur Beach is famous for its clean white beaches and gentle. In addition, Sanur beach is a rocky beach that has its own advantages.
   Compared with the Kuta, Sanur area provides a place to stay that is relatively more expensive but quiet. Compared to Nusa Dua, Sanur offers a slightly cheaper price.
   Sanur beach scene also looks beautiful in the afternoon, because the state of the sea water receded and the waves are usually small ripples. The attack group of islands and coral rocks jutting into the sea across the sea visible from the south of Sanur Beach. Panorama south of Sanur beach is more beautiful to see in the morning. Place a strategic review is the Eastern part, on Semawang and Mertasari. The situation there was fresh air and a comfortable sea breeze blowing. The atmosphere along the coast of Sanur light and shade as full of big trees. Sanur Beach is nice to enjoy the sun rise (Sun Rise), and sunbathing along the white sandy beaches.
   Along the beach resorts of Bali have now been equipped with tour support in the form of hotels, restaurants or small cafes and art shops. One of the oldest hotels in Bali are built on this beach. The hotel is named Ina Grand Bali Beach located right on the beach. Also, along the coastline were also constructed such a pedestrian area that is often used as a jogging path by tourists or local people. The line was stretched to the south past the coast Shindu, Coral beach until Semawang so that tourists can exercise while enjoying views of the beach in the morning.
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rickeytard said...

Sanur is a coastal stretch of beach of Denpasar city of south east Bali. Sanur beach is one of the beautiful place for travelling. This all image is such wonderful and I like to spend time with family or friends.

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