Kuta Beach

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Name : Pantai Kuta
Located : Island of Bali, Indonesia.
Description : The uniqueness of this beach is the beach area which is surrounded by hills, the colored sand is very white and very quiet, especially on weekdays. Kuta Beach Lombok apparently has not been much exploited by the local government to be a leading tourist destination in addition to Senggigi whose name is already global.
   Kuta Beach is a tourist place that many choose to spend the holidays over in Kuta. Beach with white sand was chosen as a place to surf sports and also very suitable place to relax while waiting for the beautiful sunset beach of Kuta. Not one of thousands of tourists the beach is always crowded.
   In terms of Kuta facility has complete facilities. Inns or hotels, restaurants, spas and other tourism supporting too many can be here.
 Kawansan busiest time at Kuta beach is in the evening or during sunset (sunset). All whether foreign or local tourist gathered into one here. Moreover, there are special moments in the country such as school holidays, Idul Fitri holidays or New Year holiday, we can be sure the crowd was getting into.
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