New Strait Coast

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Name : Pantai Selat Baru
Located : Bengkalis, Riau, Indonesia.
Description : New Straits Beach has a gently sloping stretch of beach and fine sand along the 2 miles with a distance of about 200 meters from the beach. Sea waves at the beach is relatively stable, not more than 1 meter, except on the north wind season. From this place Mount Ledang blue bias in the neighbor country, Malaysia. Perhaps, in the mountains that Hang Tuah and Hang Jebat fight. While enjoying the wind and sea waves ripple from the Strait of Malacca, the presence of sea eagles that prey on fly while fishing on the beach, a scene of interest to visitors.
   The beach is wide enough with a beautiful natural landscape to the sea. Swim and sunbathe all day long this beach is its own preoccupations. very suitable in the tour made ​​on the weekend with the family to unwind.
    In this place visitors can perform various activities, like sunbathing (sun burning) on the beach, surfing (surfing), boating (Boating), swimming (swimming), and fishing (fishing). Except that, in the region is also equipped with an international port just waiting for the time of operation and ferry ferry (RO-RO) towards Pakning River, connecting it with the Riau mainland and other cities in Sumatra. Bengkalis Government plan will also build airports, making it easier for visitors to come to it.
 What are you interested ? Go directly to the Riau.
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