Kukup Beach

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Name : Pantai Kukup
Located : Kemadang Village, District Tanjungsari, Wonosari, Jogjakarta, Indonesia.
Description : The beach is rich in marine life and also famous for its variety of ornamental fish a beautiful sea water at the Sea Aquarium or are sold by traders along the coast. In addition there is a sheltered natural cave. Also if there is Tanah Lot on Bali, Gunung Kidul in Yogyakarta there Kukup Beach, because it has the viewing post located on a separate island.
   When conditions are receding Kukup coast, visible seabed composed of rocks and moss attached to the reef that reflect the color green are quite beautiful. At the end of the ebb reef seen some fishermen are looking for marine worms are hiding behind a rock.
   In the east there is a small island on top of it there is a building and there is a bridge that connects the island's coastal cliffs premises. Mainland contained under the bridge will be closed during a tidal sea water.
  Besides the beautiful panorama of the beach and sea, Kukup Beach also offers visitors a variety of types of marine water ornamental fish are sold by local residents for a souvenir.
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