Ujung Genteng Beach

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Name : Pantai Ujung Genteng.
Located : Ciracap subdistrict, Sukabumi, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.
Description : One of his charm is pagumbuhan beach where we can see the turtles lay their eggs. The beach with soft sand and loose is a favorite place for turtles to lay eggs. Almost every day there are turtles that come to this beach. Even when the spawning season arrives (in August), turtle who visit this beach can be reached 20 tail. Sea turtle laying eggs here is quite large, and ranges from 100 year old. Remarkable considering these turtles have lived a century, perhaps when his grandfather's era we're young turtles have been living in this world.
   Tile Ujung Beach has the characteristics generally south coast of Java Island's famous clean water and the waves are big. However, this beach is much different when compared with the "Pelabuhan Ratu" famous beach-prone and often claimed the death toll since the waves are ferocious. Although the beach facing tile Ujung free to the Indian Ocean, but the waves are big does not endanger the traveler who likes to play around in the sea.
    Big waves of the ocean first broke out because of blocked clusters scattered coral sea in front of the beach, so we can enjoy nature with beautiful beaches, safe, and comfortable. Children may swim in the sea as much and lets look at a collection of colorful fish on the sidelines of the rock, indicating how tile Ujung their natural environment.
   Tile end of the beach itself is very beautiful, beautiful sunset views, blue skies are blue, and clear water is an advantage that is really tops, but do not compare the beach end of the tile with pangadaran or Anyer beach because the results will differ sangat2​​. Tile end of the beach is quite flat, and water was very clear, but this beach there are many rocks, so can not be used for swimming.
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