Adventures into "Maya Bay"

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Name : Maya Bay.
Located : Thailand.
Description : Maya Bay is one of the most beautiful bay and is very beautiful to visit, this bay is located in National Parks, protected by cliffs with a height of 100 meter on its three sides. In the bay there are several beaches, these beaches will occur when the water receded.

 Sand on the beach in Maya Bay is white, and his sea-blue add charm to the beauty of this island. Many visitors who come to this place, foreign tourists are also many who visit this place. Because this place is very good, and beautiful to visit.

   In the past, this place is not as beautiful as this. First, the tsunami in this place. As a result of the tsunami, this beautiful place be like this. Also there is' wisdom turns out. This place is a fun, beaches so clean. Beach sand in his soft, white, clean, and even beach chairs and Umbrellas available free of charge to tourists. Residential and commercial areas are located separately. Place clubbing centered in downtown center of the island so as not to Disturb the peaceful atmosphere of the beach.

  Swimming at the edge of the cliff is also a thing of beauty itself for visitors. We can see the bottom of it, see the coral reefs, see fish swimming around. Really exciting.
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