Amed and Tulamben Beach

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Name : Pantai Amed and Tulamben.
Located : Bali, Indonesia.
Description : This beach is adjacent to each other and the second character is almost similar to the beach, the beach is not much visited by tourists. But this is still a virgin beach, probably because of scenery around the coast that is not interesting and beautiful so rarely the tourist who wants to spend their holidays here.

   But for the divers, this beach is very unpopular, because at this beach there is a sunken U.S. warships and not too deep. Indeed, the landscape around the beach is not attractive, but make no mistake that makes this beach attractive is at the bottom of the sea. If you do not believe please just visit this place. Just for the love diving course who visit this beach. This beach is one of the most exotic beaches in Bali.

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