"Hotnica Sunset Waterfall" beautiful place.

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Name : Hotnica Sunset Waterfall.
Located : Bulgaria
Description : Hotnitca Sunset Waterfalls looks like it is taken from fairytale book, with all these dream-like colorsvariating from deep brown, through grassy green and bright yellow. It is located near this BulgariaĆ¢€™s medieval capital of Veliko Tarnovo in Central Northern Bulgaria.
  At this waterfalls is the first stage of a new eco-path project funded by PHARE. This is the biggest eco-tourism project in Bulgaria. Following an Indian ritual Scotsmen descended a rope from the rocks to the waterfall and lit the first fire in the hearth of the Hotnishki shelter.
  You have probably heard about the beauty of the Victoria Falls in Africa, the might of Niagara Falls in North America, the soarness of Anhel Falls, but you have probably never heard of Hotnitca Sunset Waterfalls located in Bulgaria. It is one really exceptional definition of “heaven on earth” place

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