On the white sandy swimming beach "Tulum Beach".

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Name : Tulum Beach.
Located : Mexico.
Description : Tulum is the ancient Mayan city overlooking the waters of the Caribbean, with a fantastic beach, beautiful views and interesting history, believed to be one of the last city built and inhabited by people of amazing Maya blue.

   Tulum is surrounded by three walls and the ocean forming the fourth city limits are designed to be defensive. At the southern end of "Riviera Maya" and convenient way to Akumal, Playa del Carmen.Tulum is located 82 miles south of Cancun, and has great cultural significance and the front door of the north coast of Biosphere Reserve - Sian Ka'an. Â Tulum is also surrounded by a lush jungle filled with clear fresh water pools called cenotes that offer a refreshing reprise from tropical environments.

   Tulum is one of the most visited of all Mayan ruins, and also the only major Mayan ruin to be found along the Caribbean coast of Mexico on the "Riviera Maya". There are about 60 well-preserved buildings on the site, Tulum. One of the favorite building at Tulum is the temple wall paintings. As the name entails, there are frescoes with the theme of a typical virtual inland. The most prominent building is the fortress of Tulum, El Castillo, perched on Tulum's highest cliff.

  One of the first resort in Mexico. Perhaps hundreds of years previously also been used by the Mayans as a resort. Ever dream of swimming in the white sand beaches, calm and relax accompanied by background mayan pyramids.. Welcome to your dream.

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