Sunrise in Santorini Island

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Name : Santorini Island
Located : Yunani
Description : His first island is the remnant of a volcano in the middle of the sea, which in the last 2 million years has erupted at least 12 times. As a result of massive eruptions of this island that's now got a unique shape like a crescent moon.
   On this island, we not only can see the beauty of the vast open sea. In the morning, we can also see the rising sun. In this place, its rising sun is a very in wait - wait if you are on vacation to this place.
   In this place, not only saw her in the morning sunrise, but we also can see the architecture of its buildings are white, very beautiful, because the beam of sunlight, building on this place becomes very beautiful.
   In addition to landscapes and architecture, do not forget to try the typical cuisine of Santorini island is a typical product such as white eggplant, cherry tomatoes, and fish and oktopus (octopus) fresh. But do not expect to get fresh fish at the peak of the holiday season, due to overfishing in the Mediterranean - the local fishermen are no longer able to meet the needs of the tourists stomach. As a complement to the sea cuisine, certainly a distinctive wines of Santorini and has been known throughout Greece. While eating the food, more delicious as he saw the rising sun on the island.
     Are you interested to visit this place ?
   During the peak holiday season from June to September, recommended hotel room reservations before, then this island residents jumped from about 20,000 to ten times as much! During the "low season" we can travel individually without prior reservation.
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