Surf the waves "Teahupoo".

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Name : Teahupoo.
Located : Teahupoo, Tahiti Island.
DescriptionTeahupoo (pronounced Cho-poo) is a world-renowned surfing location off the south-east of Tahiti, located in Papeete Island, French Polynesia, southern Pacific Ocean. It is known for its heavy, glassy waves, often reaching 2-3m (7-10ft) and higher. It is the site of the annual Billabong Pro Tahiti surf competition, part of the World Championship Tour (WCT) of the ASP World Tour professional surfing circuit and used to be one stop in the World Tour of the International Bodyboarding Association.

  Located in the small town of Teahupoo from south-east side of the island of Tahiti, is the world's largest wave machine. This local rank of an experienced surfer must ride list and is only recommended for those who are in peak physical condition and very capable, or alternatively seek bargains glorified. Home to the Billabong Pro Surf competition of the World Championship Tour, swollen here get bigger 12ft.

  The best time of year to take on the challenge Teahupoo or oppose efforts to observe this death is May, this marks the end of the rainy seasons and overlapping with the increase in storm activity that illuminate the coast of Tahiti. This also coincides with the World Championship Tour is coming to visit each of these waves are well known in May.
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