"Lake Labuan Cermin" an amazing.

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Name : Lake Labuan Cermin.
Location : Sub-district Biduk-biduk, District Berau, East Kalimantan, Indonesia.
Description : Lake Labuan Cermin is a rare natural phenomenon. The lake is divided into layers of fresh surface water, and salt water at the base. Interestingly, both types of water are not mixed, only the second meeting of this type of water formed a layer of "fog". A layer of fresh surface water is very clear, we can see to the bottom of the lake.

View of Lake Labuan Cermin.
    Basic water in this lake seems so obvious, including biota, water in it such as various types of coral and fish. Not to forget, green turtles are also occasionally stop in these waters. From the bottom of the lake, the water looks shallow. When in fact its depth can be more than 3 meters. Another uniqueness of this lake, on the surface of the water was a little salty. While in essence feels fresh. This is because the influence of lake water derived from rocks containing lime.

Lake Labuan Cermin.
    Not far from this area there is a traditional port. It supports the activity of many residents who live in this region with subsistence fishing. Good catch fish on the high seas, and by making charts.

Visit Lake Labuan Cermin.
   Previously, during the 6 years Likma lamin independently to defend this area so as not to be disturbed outsider. Unfortunately, this attraction has not managed optimally. Therefore, Berau Regent Makmur HAPK determined to develop this site, beginning with the setting of this area as a conservation area or protected area. After that, will be equipped with supporting facilities which allow visitors to enjoy this lake.

View Lake.
   The water bath is said to also be the place of the Kings of Berau in the past, residents are also utilized as a source of clean water. Needless to chemicals, just prepare it and the water pipes could be sucked to flow into homes.

Picture of Lake Labuan Cermin
   To reach this location, from Cape Redeb should use rural transportation or car charter to the South. Among other areas through which Tabalar, Biatan, Talisayan and White Stone. Only then arrived at the Big Dipper, Big Dipper. No need to think such a long journey. Because after looking straight this location, its beauty will "pay" tiredness.

Diving in Lake Labuan Cermin.
View Lake.
    Not far from this location, tourism lovers can also visit the Gulf coast of Solomon, which is not less beautiful with Derawan Island. The area was also continuously improved its facilities as an alternative tourist visiting the area.

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