The beauty of Enchantment Derawan Island.

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Name : Derawan Island.
Location : Berau regency, Kalimantan, Indonesia.
Description : Derawan Islands is that there are several islands and coastal ecosystems of small islands which is very important that coral reefs, seagrass beds, mangrove forests and marine animals. In addition many protected species in the Islands Derawan like green turtles, hawksbill turtles, whales, dolphins, giant clams, coconut crabs, mermaids, fish, barracuda and a few other species.

  A tropical paradise you'll feel in this place. Derawan island became a marine tourism destination choice for you who love the gorgeous beach with white sand is soft, shiny, and clear water. And here also you can see turtles swimming benign cheerily as we do the dive in the sea island Derawan this.

   Ocean color blend produces shades of blue and green are very beautiful, as well as a small forest in the center to make your holiday atmosphere in this place will feel cool. This island presents natural scenery is so beautiful and dear ones to pass up.

   For those of you who loved to dive, this place is perfect for you to go. Because in this place you can feel it relaxation that you will encounter when you dive. Not only to see the turtles from the ground, you can also swim with the turtles that are funny.

   What if you want a vacation to this place, you come to the tropical season, because here offers immense charm. If you want to come here by plane, you can get off at the airport Kalimarau, Cape Redeb Derawan went directly to the island by motorboat which was moored at a specific port.

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