Most beautiful caves in Southeast Asia.

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Name : Goang Caves.
Location : East Java, Indonesia.
Description : Goa is located on Bomo, Punung, Pacitan, Indonesia. About 30 km from the town of Pacitan, can be achieved with either two-wheel motor vehicles and four wheels. Yag winding roads and up and down makes the rider must be careful to get to this place, not to mention some minor roads were damaged. Arriving at the front gate, visitors must first walk about 100 meters.

   Upon entering this cave, your eyes will not be familiar with the state let alone a dark cave if it does not bring a flashlight. But not to worry as she walked down the cave, because there is already cemented path and there is an iron grip so that visitors do not fall. Increasingly entered into the cave, you will be amazed by the sights of magnificent.

   The roar of the fan which serves to circulate air inside the cave will disrupt your communications. But when you see the stalactite and stalagmite that forms in the cave, your heart was amazed when he saw amazed him. The view was beautiful in it coupled with ornaments shaped folds are fascinating.

   Almost all parts of the tourist route in the cave tour. Goa has installed lights in the colors blue and green. These lamps provide a dramatic impression for the tourists who see the beauty of the stalactite and stalagmite caves.

   Travel in the cave continued down hundreds of steps, the more beautiful scenery. The lights add to the exotic colors of this cave. The floor of the cave there are several spring and a spring of water. Entering the room marble and crystal, we saw a large white stone clear as glass that can be penetrated by light. In addition it is a stone that looks similar to the gong that will produce sound when struck. If you want a vacation to this place, do not forget to bring flashlights and food supplies.

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