Beautiful scenery in the "Lake Toba".

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Name : Lake Toba.
Lokasi : North Sumatra Province, Indonesia.
Description : Lake Toba is a lake located in North Sumatra, in Indonesia country. This lake is one of the natural phenomena that occur in Indonesia. This lake is a volcanic lake with a length of 100 kilometers and a width of 30 kilometers, the lake is the largest lake in Indonesia and the Indonesian state in continental Southeast Asia. In the middle of this lake there is a volcanic island called the island. Lake Toba has long been an important tourist destination in North Sumatra, in addition to Bukit Lawang and Nias. The lake is visited by local and foreign tourists.

Lake Toba.
   In this lake, we could see the incredible scenery of this place. If you want to this place, do not forget to bring your camera to capture your image in this place. This place is perfect for your visit with your family.

View of Lake Toba.
   In addition to Lake Toba region tourism functions essential for life Profinsi North Suamatera there are 19 rivers that drain the water from the catchment area around the lake into a water body is Lake Toba with only one river which is the release of water from this lake which empties into the river shavings on the east coast North Sumatra, hone river water is used for hydropower Asahan Which is one stu diprofinsi electricity supplier in North Sumatra lake Toba addition of water acts as a provider of various activities of the community of North Sumatra.

Lake Toba at North Sumatera, Indonesia.
Vacation Lake Toba.
   Important role Lake Toba is added again to the multiplier effect on regional economic activity created by the existence of international tourism in Lake Toba bersekala like peleyanaan trade and service activities related to tourism, the tourism sector recorded 12 units 16 units of natural attractions and historical sites of cultural interest 3 religious tourism units and 1 unit of forest or plantation tours temporal pelayanaan services 188 of 101 hotels restaurants souvenir shops 200 5 money changer 10 travel agents 8 and 6 karaoke discos see a very strategic role since 1990 North Sumatra government has issued a number of local regulations 1 about the arrangement area of the lake toba regulation aims to achieve environmental preservation and utilization of lake Toba region optimally balanced harmonious and sustainable development through compliance and controls implemented by various government agencies and society in an integrated manner. 

   This legislation contains various provisions in the arrangement of the mandate of the arrangement of the region covering the region in general plans and spatial development plans include provisions in the arrangement of environmental regulation on community activities that could interfere with the preservation of Lake Toba fiber arrangement provisions in the arrangement of buildings and industrial buildings. Regulation No. 1 / 1990 also comes with the implementation and monitoring provisions and the provisions of criminal.

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