"Sipadan Island" is full of a million charm.

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Name : Sipadan Island.
Location : Malaysia.
Description : Sipadan Island is an island that has immense charm in every corner of this island. The most beautiful island is located in northern Indonesia. The island has an interesting charm to the beauty beneath the sea and its beaches. This island was once owned by the Indonesian state, but has been taken by the state of Malaysia. The island is famous for its beautiful coral reefs and still thrives in its underwater, and lots of marine life living along the coral reef is very interesting. Sipadan Island is located in Sabah, Malaysia. Located not far from the island of Kalimantan / Borneo (the northern island of Tarakan, East Kalimantan).

Sea on the Sipadan island.
   The island is in use as a water sports (Diving) the most beautiful in the world. Because of this island has everything under the sea. No wonder so many tourists visit this place. Underwater beauty in this place is also an attraction for foreign tourists who really like to see and enjoy the natural beauty around.

Turtles green.
    In addition, visitors also have an opportunity to swim side by side with an increasingly rare green turtles will also jerung whereabouts and white tip reef, and saw more than 3.500 species of other marine life. It’s a paradise for tourists who love to be underwater beauty. 

Banana Boat for visitor
House of Sipadan Island.
    Some divers who may chance to watch themselves lucky to live near jerung hammerhead swim! For divers who have extensive experience, exploration of the cave granite seabed should give one cabaran interesting to them. and no less interesting are provided lodging for travelers who place above sea level, where the lodgings are often called floating homes.

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