Water attractions in the "Tulamben", the island resort of Bali.

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Name : Tulamben.
Location : Dewata Island, Bali.
Description : Tulamben is a tourist tour of sea bottom located on the island, Bali. Tulamben attraction is located in the eastern part of Bali island. The name of this Tulamben in Tulamben batulambih umumya came from, which means "rock lot", formed by the eruption of Mount Agung that affect this place from time to time. This name was changed to Batulamben, and finally Tulamben.

Diving in Tulamben.
    Tulamben is the main attraction for tourists in general visiting this ketepat, in this place the most interesting is its underwater scenery. Tulamben is a tourist attraction retreat, which has been widely recognized by domestic and foreign tourists. Most tourists like this place, especially diving and snorkeling at this place.

The fish life.
   In this Tulamben underwater beauty, a natural addition, there are the rest of USAT Liberty wreck of war that sank during World War II past. The accident happened at the time it has become a home for fish habitat and marine life of beautiful tropical fish. This is what makes Tulamben become a tourist attraction that you should visit while vacationing in Bali.

Ships that had sunk.
   Tulamben has a depth of 5 meters to 30 meters below sea level. Because it has such depth, Tulamben became the site most tourists who have a hobby of diving and snorkeling.

Sea corals in Tulamben.
   In Tulamben, divers can explore the natural beauty under the sea and also see the USAT Liberty wreck of war. So if you want to plan your vacation as much as possible, you can visit in Bali Island of Indonesia, let alone spend the Christmas holidays and New Year. And if you like water sports diving, Tumbalen can be a place that caters to your hobby and enjoy the natural beauty of the underwater world without having to travel far. Source: tourismchoice.com

Visit Tulamben, Indonesia.

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