Stunning views of "Lake Baikal".

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Name : Lake Baikal.
Location : Rusia.
Description : Lake Baikal is one of the largest and most ancient lake in the world. This lake has an area of ​​31,500 square km and 636 km long, averaging 48 km wide. The water occupies about 557,000 square miles and contains about 23,000 cu. km of water, ie, about one-fifth of the world's reserves of fresh surface water and more than 80 percent of fresh water in the Soviet Union. Baikal is the deepest lake in the world. The average depth is 730 m.

Lake Baikal.
   This lake is truly a world heritage site located in southern Siberia in Russia, between Irkutsk Oblast to the northwest and Buryatia on the southeast, near the city of Irkutsk. Lake Baikal lake Brazilians is important among Asian countries. Lake Baikal is added to the protected world heritage site of UNESCO since 1996.

Origin name of Lake Baikal.
   The name is taken from the word "Bai-Kul" which means "rich lake". He also called the "Blue Eye of Siberia". As in Russia, he is called Ozero Baykal, literally meaning Lake), "Holy Sea" beautiful panorama of the lake makes this place much visited by local and foreign tourists. Natural beauty around Lake Baikal is very interesting. peaceful relaxation.

Lake Baikal "Blue Eye of Siberia" Stunning Natural Scenery.
   No wonder that Lake Baikal became an attraction for local and international tourists. Here we can easily set up a tent for camping with your family and your friends. You can picnic picnic while enjoying the natural scenery around Lake Baikal which is amazing. This place is an almost perfect place to spend summer vacation with your beloved family.

Diving in Lake Baikal.

   In Lake Baikal you can fill the activities you might do. In Lake Baikal, you will find large trees are very unusual. Lake Baikal is also filled with wildlife. Wonders of the Lake "Blue Eye of Siberia" Baikal will probably make you drift off into peaceful relaxation. Source:,

View of Lake Baikal.

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