Travelling in a "National Park Lake Sentarum"

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Name : National Park Lake Sentarum.
Location : Kapuas Hulu Regency, West Kalimantan Province, Indonesia.
Description : Sentarum Lake National Park is representative of wetland ecosystem of the lake, freshwater swamp forest and tropical rain forest in Borneo. Lake Sentarum as a seasonal lake in the park is located on the side of the Kapuas river basin, which is about 700 km from the estuary to the South China Sea. Sentarum Lake National Park (TNDS) in Kapuas Hulu Regency, West Kalimantan Province.

Lake Sentarum.
   Sentarum Lake National Park is bordered by hills and high plains that surround it, Lake Sentarum a water catchment basin and watershed Kapuas for. Thus, the area located downstream Kapoeas highly dependent on fluctuations in the amount of water stored in lakes.

View of National Park Lake Sentarum
   Water system of freshwater lakes and flooded forests in Sentarum Lake National Park, making Lake Sentarum unlike other lakes. Sentarum Lake National Park, lake water Sentarum reddish black colored because they contain tannins derived from peat swamp forest in the vicinity. During the rainy season, the lake water depth can reach 6-8 meters and cause tergenangnya surrounding forests. However, during the dry season, when high water in the river Kapuas gradually down, water from Lake Sentarum Kapoeas will flow to the water in the river so that the discharge is relatively stable. Finally at the peak of the dry season, the state of Sentarum Lake and the surrounding area will become a vast expanse of land. The fish that had been on the lake, will be seen in small pools.

National Park Lake Sentarum.
    To reach Lake National Park can Sentarum through Pontianak-Sintang-Semitau using four-wheeled vehicle about 11 hours or Sintang-Semitau using the longboat (bandong) taken about seven hours. From Semitau to the site using a motor boat Lanjak majors. Pontianak-Putussibau by plane about two hours and from Putussibau longboat to Nanga Suhaid with about seven hours. Travelers here will also look at the life of native Dayak people. Dayak tribal custom home can also be witnessed by the tourists who come. Longhouses inhabited by 15-30 head of the family, having an average length of 186 meters and 6 meters wide. Tourists who come to visit her were treated with traditional dances typical Dayak, as welcoming to tourists who come to Sentarum Lake National Park. Sentarum Lake National Park is also a world heritage site that needs to be preserved. source:

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