Holiday in Umbul Ponggok Indonesia

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Umbul Ponggok

After seeing see tourist attractions in Yogyakarta, we were a little bit trying to get out of this particular province. will discuss one of the attractions that can be considered new in Klaten, Central Java. Bannerman is Ponggok, freshwater tourist offer different sensations with others. What makes it different from let's look a little info on the web about the location, maps and other info.

Bannerman Ponggok is one of the sights in Klaten, Central Java, which is now more crowded ramenya. Attraction name consists of two words meaning spring Bannerman and Ponggok is the name of a village. So, if interpreted directly have meaning Ponggok springs in the village. Located in street Ponggok - Launching, Klaten. For the location of this pennant, we could from Yogyakarta to Klaten, after passing through the town of Klaten, on the street right Penggung terminal. Terminal Penggung contained in a deviation of traffic lights to the village Ponggok, tourists take the road to the left and then straight on the road to meet Koramil Follow the road left. From the junction we turn right and follow the road behind and about 2 kilometers, we will find that there Ponggok Bannerman roadside. To further ease can ask google maps.

That is a little info about the pennant Ponggok Klaten on locations, maps, and addresses that can be used as reference for your vacation. Already up Klaten, there is no harm continue Solo holidays. If you are from far away and on vacation in Jogja, there is no harm in using the services of travel packages and plans Jogja in advance to see the calendar 2015 and the search for low and hotel promo. Specify pennant Ponggok as one of the destinations you will visit.

The place is in the form of springs which serves as a large pool that can be used as a place for snorkelling, swimming or diving. Here we can do it because they have made a rental tools such as snorkeling, frog legs, and also buoy. So you can not swim, do not worry about trying to throw themselves into this pool. As general Snorkelling in the sea, in Bannerman Ponggok also we can see the beauty of the fish. Of course, the fish here are freshwater fish. Some types of fish swimming intentionally kept at a depth of up to about 2.5 meters. Also placed some rocks and sand bottom pool which adds to the beauty. Clear water will make us able to enjoy an interesting sight under water.

In addition Snorkelling Equipment Rental tools, there are also packages leasing / waterproof casing for smartphones and lockers to store your luggage while diving. If you do not bring HP waterproof or act like a GoPro camera, Xiaomi Yi or action Kogan camera, you can rent underwater cameras to photograph the underwater beauty Ponggok Bannerman. There is also a photo service prewedding in water and also additional trinkets such as bikes, TV and playstation stick them of course only to properties of an image in the water. Pre-wedding photos alone when asked at one of the rental place, peg one and a half million, and it was not the clothes that we can bring your own from home.

The admission price of this tour 5000, - / person. And when the admin to follow some of the sights Bannerman Ponggok equipment rental prices:

Mask / snorkel = Rp.10000
Buoy = Rp. 5000
Walk Frog = Rp. 5000
Camera hour and a half hour = Rp. 60,000 / 100,000

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