Enjoy the beauty of Nature in "Samalona Island"

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Name : Samalona Island.
Location : South Sulawesi, Indonesia.
Description : Samalona Island is a small island located in the Makassar Strait, precisely on the southwest coast of South Sulawesi, Indonesia. To reach this island could use a fishing boat and would take a half hour travel time. On this island stands a lighthouse that is used as boundary markers for the big ships.

View of Samalona Island.
   Samalona Island has a group of coral islands with an area of ​​2.34 hectare circular. This small island is one of the marine tourism destination frequented by local and foreign tourists. White sand and clear water make it suitable for sunbathing island for tourists. In addition, the island is an excellent area for diving (diving), because there are about coral reefs inhabited by a variety of tropical marine fish and other marine biota.

Marine Life of the island Samalona.
  Samalona island is a paradise for tourists who want to vacation in Indonesia. The island is very famous as a place for lovers of snorkeling and diving. The island is a mystery about the accident juta'an ships from World War II. Shipwrecks that have been destroyed have now been turned into a reef and became home to hundreds of diverse forms of marine life that are here, and marine life that are here have a type and color are very impressive. The beauty has become a major attraction for tourists to come swimming in shipwreck, and to see a group of animals or rocks that are there.

Samalona is a Beautiful Island In Indonesia
   Samalona Island, has clear water and white sand make this a fun island for snorkeling and diving. On the island there Samalona beautiful coral reefs, not inferior to Bunaken marine park, marine park Raja Ampat, Tulamben Beach in Bali, or other places in the Indonesian archipelago. Samalona Island you can enjoy the beautiful sunset along the coast. This can be a romantic vacation if you decide to vacation on the island Samalona for a honeymoon or celebrating your wedding anniversary. No end to enjoy the natural beauty of the island Samalona. And Indonesia still has many mysteries of the natural beauty of the natural land and sea, besides the island Samalona, because Indonesia is an archipelagic country is very beautiful.

Samalona Island, Another Tourism Paradise in Indonesia that Impressive.

Is the most beautiful places to tour the Samalona Island.

Lodging on the Samalona island

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