One of the most beautiful beaches "Fernando de Noronha".

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Name : Fernando de Noronha.
Located : Brazil.
Descriptoin : Fernando de Noronha is an archipelago located in the name of the Atlantic Ocean, located 354 km from the east coast of Brazil. The island is a municipality (Distrito estatal) in the state of Brazil, Pernambuco.

   This beach is located on thethe coast of Brazil,is very difficult to be able to go to this place . Wonder if the beach is only known by few. Even so, the beach is worth dubbed as "The Most Beautiful Marine Park in The World" because of the beauty of the sea is crystal clear color and that's why this place is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
   Here you will not find big hotels, except pousadas (original home residents) because they hold the concept of visitors can come together and communicate with nature. The most interesting is biodiversity, which until the 19th - century, coastal forests blanketed the towering into the sky. Half a coastal area covered by shrubs that are prepared to be secondary forest for domestic and international tourists. There are 15 endemic plants and 2 birds on this coast that the material world researcher observation.
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Luizze Oliveira said...

The beach is such beautiful place to spend our time with family or friends. Here I get useful details about most wonderful beaches. I really like this all images of beach. You have done great work.

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rickeytard said...

Brazil is one of the most popular and fifth largest country in the world. There are many of eye-caching attractions and beaches where tourists love to spend their vacation. Although, this Fernando de Noronha is very beautiful in Brazil where I want to visit.

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