Benefits of water in "PAMUKKALE" in Turkey

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Name : Pamukkale 
Located : Turkey. 
Description : Pamukkale is a large travertine mound, from which dripped water saturated calciumstone steps and forms a beauty white cascades, romantic  pools and waterfall.

 On ahigh rock cliff at the foot of the mountain there Sal thermal spring. This is a place of radioactive water, containing carbon dioxide and have curative properties, to be verybeneficial to the condition of your heart, eyes, skin, and you are affected by rheumatic diseases. This place made ​​as a spa center because of water produced is very usefulfor visitors.

 This place is much visited by the visitors due to interest visitors to its warm water thathas many benefits. This place is a case of the pole there, but at its base, this place isnot cold, just warm.

   Its fun again, in this place, we see a beautiful sunset with your family or even with our lovers. What a romantic place, after bathing in warm water that has many benefits, wealso see a beautiful sunset her eyes glaring.
Other pic.

   His many visitors who come to this place.

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