Kegon Waterfall

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Name : Kegon Waterfall
Located : Chuzenji Lake, Nikko National Park, Prefektur Tochigi, Japan.
Description : Kegon waterfall is one of the famous waterfalls in Japan, in addition to Nachi waterfall and waterfall fukuroda.
    In this waterfall, there is an elevator, so you all who travel to this waterfall can enjoy its beautiful waterfall and couples it with your family ..
    Kegon no Taki became popular because of the suicide of a student named Fujimura Misao on May 22, 1903. Do not be afraid, it's just a story. Misao is the eldest child of a Director of a bank in Hokkaido, Yutaka Fujimura. Misao suicide after being scolded by his English teacher because of lazy learning. Misao caused a pessimist is imitated by the youth who desperately. They ended his life in the same place with Misao suicide. Within 4 years after the death of Misao Fujimura, found 145 people died of suicide, but police are keeping tight area. But before ending his life Misao wrote a poem entitled Ganto no Kan or feeling at the Top Reef. The poem was hung on a tree. And, lucky tree that had now been cut down. The photos that tree is now bought and sold as souvenirs tourists who visit.
     For those of you who vacation in this place, must be in good health, with no problems whatsoever. Because in my worry, you can become the next victim.

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