Pangandaran Beach

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Name : Pangandaran Beach
Located : Ciamis, Jawa Barat, Indonesia.
Description : Here it is, the best beaches on the island of Java, its right in the village penanjung, Ciamis, West Java, in parts of Indonesia.  
    This beach has white sand, which you can see in the photo. For those of you who want to take a vacation with your family, do not worry, here is a rescue team that can help you and your family if something happens that you do not want it.

   For those of you who loved the feel of the sea, Pangandaran beach also provides a marine park with fish and marine life is fascinating and very interesting to watch.
   Sloping beach with clear water and the distance between the ups and downs are relatively long to allow us to swim safely. As I have said above earlier.

     On this beach we can see the sunrise and sunsets in the same place, a place that can soothe our minds when we again face the problems we face.
   It was also found in Pangandaran Grand Canyon. Although it is not like the original Grand Canyon in the Amazon. Believe it or not, the Grand Canyon in Pangandaran do exist, not only its beaches, but also her Grand Canyon that is able to attract us.
In waiting your visit in Pangandaran ^ _ ^

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