Santolo Beach

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Name : Santolo Beach
Located : Garut, Jawa Barat, Indonesia.
Description : The beach is choosing a very beautiful white sand of the beach - its other shore. This type of sand is a type of sand is quite fine, and ramps, so awful to sleep - lying on the beach while enjoying the blazing hot sun, and enjoy the wind coming from the sea. Really exciting. The beach has become an interesting place for you and your family.

   Santolo beach, very nice, smooth asphalt and road width is sufficient, only a few holes in the street or road barriers broken to get to this beach. If we are on the way to the beach, we will be offered with a view - beautiful sights, beautiful scenery, the forest area, area of ​​rice fields and tea gardens, and also we will pass the hill - the hill is very beautiful.

    In coastal areas santolo also provides accommodations for your family, places to eat. You can enjoy Indonesian cuisine for you foreigners, and for local residents, you can enjoy the taste of Java western cuisine.
You interested? Visit Santolo Beach. We wait for your arrival.
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