Carita Beach

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Name : Pantai Carita.
Located : Jawa Barat, Indonesia.
Description This is one of the most beautiful beaches in Indonesia, precisely located in West Java. The beach is right presents the amazing charm of the beach - its other shore. And the beach is also usually attract the attention of foreign tourists.

    In this carita beach, tourists can also perform many activities, like playing Volly, fishing, bemain Jetsky, playing sled, boating, sit - sit back enjoy the sound of waves and wind gusts on the coast, and also just his swim at the beach. But do not worry, this beach is also his team of lifesavers.
   At the beach, there are also lodging, and dining also offers some special food West Java, Indonesia her special dishes for tourists overseas.

  On this beach can also enjoy its beautiful sunset ..

So, if you are interested in this Coast, we are waiting for your arrival.
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