Telaga Ngebel

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Name : Telaga Ngebel.
Located : Kecamatan Ngebel, Kabupaten Ponorogo, Jawa Timur, Indonesia.
Description : This lake, a beautiful lake owned by Indonesia. Nearby areas of this lake has a temperature between 20-26 degrees Celsius, and cool temperatures make visitors more comfortable visiting the Lake Ngebel.

   Suppliers of water for Lake Ngebel consist of a variety of sources. Adequate water source comes from the Canal Santen swift. In addition, there are also flowing river, where the upstream section of the river there are waterfalls that are named Waterfall Toyomarto.
    Most delicious of course reach this lake by car pribadi.Tetapi you should take - the heart, because the road to this kedaerah turn - turn, and also an uphill curve.

    This resort is a good tourist place to visit because the scenery is attractive, with beautiful lake views, this tour where we can see a lake surrounded by lush forest and looks are still very natural.
     On the edge of the road to the lake, there are simple stalls, but with a dish that is incredible Ngogok fish and other typical fish pond. This fish is eaten with rice tiwul, vegetables and spicy sauce. It's really delicious.

     Are you interested in visiting this resort, just come now. Suitable for a holiday with your family, or your lover.

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