Belitung Island

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Name : Gelanggal Island
Located : Belitung, Indonesia.
Description : Galangal Island is a small island, situated in the village of Tanjung Binga North direction. Total area of less than one hectare. On the island there are many islands surrounding the granite boulders that can be achieved simply by walking across the shallow sea with a depth of less than 1.2m. The structure of granite stones are also unique and different from other places with a combination of white sandy beaches and trees. Sea water is really clear, you can clearly see the bottom of the sea including fish that swim in it. This is a nice place to play in the water of the sea or snorkeling...
    Galangal can be reached by renting a boat from Tanjung Binga. The rental price of approximately USD 350 thousand to one-way trip that typically takes half a day. Travel time from the beach in the Pacific Islands to the galangal is only about 30-45 minutes. Charter boat can carry 30-40 people and it is a fishing boat which is usually used to catch fish at night. The boat is quite unique, where there is the framework on both sides of the boat that make this boat to be stable even if sailing in waves big enough.
     The best time to visit the galangal is a month from March to November. During this period sea waves tends to be calm, so you can enjoy the journey by boat, snorkeling and swimming in clear water as seen from the photos. During the period from December to January, the waves may be greater than usual, and sometimes the rain all day.
    Among the island galangal and fishing port on Cape Binga there another island called Bird Island. On the way to galangal you will pass through the island. The island is slightly larger than the galangal, with white sand and rocks on the southern side of the granite on the North side. Visitors usually stop briefly at Bird Island on the way home from galangal to Tanjung Binga. The most interesting object of Bird Island is a granite-like bird found on the coast of the island, because it is also possible island called Bird Island.
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