Waterfall Toyomarto

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Name : Waterfall Toyomarto
Located : Kabupaten Ponorogo, Jawa Timur, Indonesia.
Description : This is a tourist area that is hidden from publication. Natural, exotic, and almost untouched by the hands of ignorant. Located 30 km from downtown Ponorogo, or approximately 5 km from the district center Ngebel precisely in the Village District Ngebel Ponorogo vanished, there are locations Toyomarto Waterfall is very beautiful. Waterfall consists of 2 levels of water that falls from the cliff rock. Sides of the road leading to the Waterfall Toyomarto filled with plants of tropical rain forest, but the need of prudence, especially when the rainy season. Will be separate events for those who like to adventure, exploration and discovery of an unspoiled tourist sites.
    Although this waterfall has a very beautiful panorama, but, en route to this waterfall so is annoying, because its roads are damaged. But for those of you who hobby road - the road tour to the waterfall, this can be a challenge for your self.

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