Baron Beach

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Name : Pantai Baron
Located : Kemadang Village, Kecamatan Tanjung Sari, Wonosari, Jogjakarta, Indonesia.
Description : Pantai Baron, pantai paling populer di  Gunung Kidul, karena pantai ini adalah pantai pertama yang akan ditemui jika mengunjungi gugusan kecup mesra laut dan daratan, simbol keelokan wisata pantai Gunung Kidul.
     Baron Beach, the most popular beaches in Gunung Kidul, because this beach is the first beach that will be encountered when visiting group of sea and land smack intimate, chic symbol of coastal tourism Gunung Kidul.

     The tourists will be pampered with a beauty that brought the wind waves tuk making out with a stretch of sand, so patiently waiting for her lover. The results Barron wealth like a big prawn (lobster), fish, white pomfret, snapper, tuna are ready to pamper guests, whether they are fresh and ready to eat. As a recommendation, here is a menu mainstay Snapper Soup.

    Baron beach is the bay is flanked by a wall of green hills, filled with palm trees. Bay is also the estuary of the river under a rock, the water is quite clear. Baron beach is rather large waves, but the visitors still be able to swim at these beaches until the permitted limit, which is marked with a stretch of wire that are spread over the bay.
   The view towards the high seas does look beautiful. Baron beach surrounded by high cliffs that this does look interesting. To the east, near the shore there is a new road leading to the top of the hill.
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