Sundak Beach

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Name : Pantai Sundak
Located : Desa Sidoharjo, Kecamatan Tepus, Kabupaten Gunungkidul, Jogjakarta, Indonesia.
Description : Sundak, a fusion between the ASU name and porcupine. Starting from the battle between ASU (dog), and Urchin. Pergelutan which left a trail for residents about the existence of a cave with a source of fresh water in it.
   The beach is still in the area Wonosari, located not far from the beach Kukup which is around about 3 km. Despite the small beach, but beach Sundak offers beauty that's fun. Here is not crowded beach visitors like Kukup or Baron, so that we can truly enjoy the beauty of the coast here.
   Sheets of white sand that lay along the shore, waiting for the waves that kissed tenderly ran a supremely long harbored a deep, giving comfort eye could see. Breeze caressing the leaves waving at the end of the branches that grow around the coast of soothing peace seekers.
   Stretch of shoreline bergincu tiny coral-reef marine playground nan adorable. Corals that stands firmly as Coast guard Sundak nan sturdy and brave. Limestone hills in the background adds elegance towering coastal and inland sea meeting the southern coast of Java island.
   Are you interested in this beach? Visit this beach .. The beach is very beautiful to travel with your family or your lover.
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