Antelope Canyon Ngarai

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Name : Antelope Canyon Ngarai
Located : Page, Coconino County, Arizona, America.
Description : Antelope Canyon, located on the Navajo land, just outside Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, is one of the most beautiful sights and soothing in the face of the earth. This canyon formed by erosion of Navajo sandstone.  

    In this gorge there are magnificent gaps and narrow, just enough room for a small group of people to be able to walk on the sandy floor - and to spotlight the sunlight from above. In the rainy season, floods may occur in this canyon. 
      Water is flowing slowly wearing and carrying grains of sand that have shaped arches beautiful and graceful on the rock. Besides all that, the wind had come to give a role in shaping the beauty of this amazing canyon.

     Antelope canyon consists of two separate parts, namely upper and lower Antelope. Each contains the hidden crevices of sandstone carved into the shape m. The top of Antelope Canyon is called "bighanilini Tse" by the Navajo people, means: "place where water runs through rocks", while the bottom is called "Hasdeztwazi" which means "spiral rock arches. " Compared to the bottom, the top of the more frequently visited by tourists. This is due to two reasons. First, the entrance and entire length of the canyon at the top of the soil surface, so the climb is not required. Second, the beam of sunlight is more often seen at the top than at the bottom of Antelope Canyon.

       Trip to Antelope Canyon course will be an enjoyable experience and memorable, not only that, this experience would also be very expensive. therefore, you must make sure that money is not a problem before going there.

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