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Name : Hawaii
Located : USA (United State of America)
Deskription : Hawaii is a small island in the eastern United States. Its location is situated in the vicinity of islands of Polynesia, and is the only island state in the United States. In accordance with its location, Hawaii is inhabited by most of the Polynesian community.

      Hawaii is the main traffic areas around the Pacific Ocean, for its beautiful beaches that attract Hawaiian accompanied unique culture. The beaches in hawaii attractive as a tourist location because the waves and the natural beauty of the place, so that the target of the tourists and surfers from around the world. In addition, the local community very well to preserve its culture, including dance unique and distinctive greeting, "Aloha. "
"Aloha" used to say someone when they first met, when separated and when expressed in love. In other words, indirectly you say love with someone when you meet and when you split.

      In addition, Hawaii is also famous Hula-hula dance has. Dancers who are usually women wear clothing typical of leaves knitted with a soft cloth and dancing with a beautiful hand movements. Hawaii has a big city called Honolulu who became the main location for tourists. The city is situated on the island of Oahu. What can you find here, among others, travel guide, tour and travel agents who are ready to help you.

      In addition to beautiful beaches, Hawaii is also famous for its mountain-shaped trim shield. Manoa Loa mountain can be regarded as the largest mountain in the world when measured from the base of the mountain under the sea. The mountains at the famous Hawaii active and always out lava, so you have to be careful. Happy traveling. ^_^

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