Autumn In America

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Name : Autumn In America
Located : America
Deskription : In countries like the United States four seasons, autumn is one of the busiest seasons there. At that time most people directing aktfitasnya to fix the house to enter the winter, such as sweeping the leaves, preparing food and heating repair. You can imagine if all the trees shed their leaves in the yard, it will look dirty. Then that most citizens of the United States swept the pages in the fall.

       On the other hand, the fall also creates a unique view on the animals there. Busy-hemp tree squirrel looking for food to supply the winter, ducks and migratory birds fly, while ground squirrels prepare for sleep in the winter. During autumn, the trees will shed leaves and followed by high winds for several weeks. Because it is advisable to wear warm clothes that stand in the autumn wind. Try to wear clothing colors that are not too flashy but memorable matching the color of the leaves, which is reddish and dark brown.
      There is a culture which is very famous in the fall, which is Halloween. At Halloween, children will fill the streets with costumes are cute and unique and slightly sinister as he asked for candy, usually with the phrase "trick or threat". Usually halloween culture began in the early weeks of autumn where fruit bermatangan pumpkins, and most people use it to make a Jack O `lantern that is stuffed like a human head that smiles horrible, but unique. In Hallooween, each house shall provide candy for the kids, or the house will dikerjai. In addition, homeowners are also required to wear a funny, unique or scary as Dracula, vampires, werewolves or costume astronauts, divers, hunters and others.
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