Tanjung Pendem

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Name : Tanjung Pendem
Located : Belitung
Description : Tanjung Pendem was buried in downtown Tanjungpandan. Towards the evening we can witness stunning scenery as the sun returned keperaduannya, where visible light a wide range. the front of this beach there Kalamoa island. The beach was already packed by the local authorities in such a way that it becomes a comfortable waterfront park for the citizens of the city. For visitors from the city Tanjungpandan, as well as visitors from outside the island of Belitung, there is no nearest beach is beautiful, because of beach Cape buried presents a spectacular panoramic sunset with her​​. The most beautiful Panorama occurs when the sun go down berlahan into the sea, and the foreground of a dredger which continued to operate, with no audible sound, except the frenetic music of the kiosk on the left edge of this beach. Coupled with the carcass boat foundered at sea, with the foreground pine trees, all this beautifying panorama.
     When you stay at a hotel in the city Tanjungpandan, it seems you do not need to rent a car just to go to the beach of Tanjung buried, but enough to walk away while relaxing. Because the beach is located in the city Tanjungpandan. State of the beach covered with sea pine arranged neatly, so the atmosphere is really ideal as an urban recreation.
     Towards dusk we could see the scenery, which is when the sun returned to peraduannya. No wonder if the tourists who come not just miss this event.
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