Create a memory to "The Maldives" with your love

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Name : Maldives
Located : Indian ocean Under the Sri Langka.
Description : Enchantment has to offer Maldives. Nature is beautiful with sea is very clear and blue. Maldives beach sea view and very beautiful, clear blue sea and a few places we could see the sea bed and the fish. For those two like diving, snorkelling, fishing, maybe this is an interesting place.

 In this place, there are hotels that provide its views directly into the sea. You can see thesea, only fish that swim in your room, or in your mattress. It was very romantic was making out with your lover, seen by the fish.

  Fish in this place is still beautiful, and its reefs are still maintained her beauty and herauthenticity. For those of you who want to honeymoon, this place is a romantic place youboth to make one of the most beautiful memories in your life.

  Not only that, this place was so beautiful beaches, with white sand, gentle, makes youand your spouse can roll over in his sand
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