Holiday to Hairos Water Park In Medan, Indonesia

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Hairos Water Park is a pretty enticing tourist attraction bustling community to visit it. What's with all the existing entertainment facilities. Yes, Hairos Water Park located on jalan Medan Letjend Djamin Ginting Km 14.5 conditioned Field location not far from the center of the city of Medan, makes these sights ideal for our visit at the time during the holidays, let alone vacation time if we have just a short vacation time..

Hairos Water Park official in Medan, open since September 10. fitting Day H Lebaran 1431 a.h. by displaying Hairos Festival. 10-day visitors at the Hairos teenee dangdut artists from the capital. There are Fanny PKY, Ramez PKY, daughter of Penelope and many others.With such a State of affairs that, then it's no wonder since when did from10.00 visitors not only the citizens of the city of Medan have been gathered a variety of entertainment facilities. Since it began to enter the gate, you will be offered a container of games such as the bomb the bomb car, happy dragon, mini flight, a horse dizzy, video game, which features a café to relax.

There is also a Zoo, a sampan boat, ATV, motorcycle, windmills and water park as the latest entertainment facilities  According to the Coordinator of the Hairos Waterpark (Mr. Eko), water park has several entertainment facilities namely water kiddy pool (children's pool), a wave pool, whirlpool, waterfall, and a 30-meter-tall waterboom with three lines. "The wave pool and whirlpool are just there in the water park Grounds Hairos. As well as for the highest waterboom in Medan and North Sumatra, which is as high as 30 metres, "said Mr. Eko.

For waterboom, (about Mr. Eko), "currently has enabled two lines which are yellow and red. Similarly with the rest of the entertainment facilities there could already be enabled to its full potential. For the third line is still in its improvement as well as some facilities such as the wave pool, waterfall, whirlpool and who still have to turn.To enjoy entertainment on the water at the water park Grounds this Field Hairos visitors charged that enough  amounting to Rp50 thousand per-person during the holidays and Rp35 thousand per-person during a typical day. For children aged three years and under is free of charge. In addition, visitors can also enjoy the Chair reflections contained in the entrance to the water park. For this facility the visitors charged compared Indosat Rp10 thousand per 15 minutes. Visitors will get a souvenir in the form of stickers when it came out..

Photo on the side is a picture of the little boy who caught the camera while the child is sleeping due to mostly drink water in Garden Hairos..
So is the look on Draco Waterpark is part of the Hermes Place Polonia Medan at Jalan Mongonsidi.Construction of the facilities here and there in no way interfere with the comfort of visitors to enjoy the play has to offer. In addition to the Lazy River that surrounds the Draco Waterpark along 260 metres with a width of 3 meters. There is a sliding pipe (slide Board) which is quite high and very adrenaline.Hermes will also operate a food street, cinema XXI, Maxrider 4 d, our gym, karaoke, an exclusive store and town hall meetings. But unfortunately, the entry cost is large enough, which is worth Rp150ribu per-person. However, do not reduce the animo communities of Medan. At least now no longer have to vacation outside the city which cost much more."Well his name is also a holiday. Compared to outside the city could run out of millions. "So, hopefully you are interested to spend holiday time with your family at a tourist Location that is quite interesting.

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