Most expensive beach resorts "Horseshoe Bay".

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Name : Horseshoe Bay
Located : Parish, Southampton.
Description : Horseshoe Bay's most famous beach in Bermuda.A very popular tourist place, located on the southern main island of the coast (Atlantic Ocean), in the parish of Southampton. The sand beach is very fine and displays the color pink. Bermuda is one of the most expensive place to tour the beach in the world. But that did not stop thousands of tourists come to visit this island every year. Weather, calm water and waves, crystal clear water and pink sand bay Horseshoe almost unparalleled in this hemisphere.
  Horseshoe Bay is one of the most popular beaches and the most beautiful among all the beaches of Bermuda, the most striking beach sand color pink is shaped like a horse's leg. You could see the scenery, and the preservation of the remains preserved from this sea beauty. Waves fit for surfing or for diving to be able to see the beauty of the sea cliffs and charming variety of fish in it.

   Rocks that stand tall and unique, making it look natural beach. Green from the bush who gathered around the large stones and strong to make a more unique color blend. Its appeal surely comes from the pink colored sand and sea are young due to coral pink coral or coral-colored sea of pink.
   It could also be admired sea coral that can withstand the waves is so great that the sea looked calm. Indeed we must once again admire the greatness of the creator is able to manage all that stuff with a very neat and nice, tanap any deficiencies. Madame, we must conserve nature without destroying it a bit because of the future, we must have a face later.
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