Holiday to "Fort Jefferson National Park".

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Name : Fort Jefferson National Park.
Located : Key West Island, Florida, USA.
Description : Fort Jefferson is a separate island, and received the title as a ghost town in Monroe County, Florida, United States. Fort Jefferson is actually a great coastal fortress which construction was not until the finish. The fort was built from a number of the largest stone structure in the Western hemisphere, and consists of over 16 million bricks.
 In front !
   A military fort, at sea, with a moat ! Fort Jefferson is part of Dry Tortugas National Park in the waters of Key West, Florida. Construction of the fort "in the middle of nowhere" began in 1846. It was originally intended for U.S. defense, but for 30 years of development, some parts of the building becomes obsolete.
   During and after the Civil War fort used as a prison for deserters and other criminals. In 1874 the army completely abandoned the fort after several hurricanes and yellow fever epidemics, and not until 1898 that the military back in the form of the 900 as a quarantine station, and temporarily occupied during World War I.

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