Tourism "banda volcano" in central Maluku of Indonesia

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Name : National Park Banda volcano.
Located : Central maluku, Indonesia.
Description : Volcano Island Banda area designated as a Natural Park by the Decree of the Minister KehutananPulau Banda Volcano is located in the Banda Sea, Indonesia's deepest oceans. Banda Volcano Island as one of the islands in the Banda Sea Islands has a height of 0-656 meters above sea level.

  The situation following the mainland coast and the mountain is still active (occasional smoke and lava) has a very beautiful panorama and interesting. Banda Sea Islands is one area of the sub-biography in Indonesia are characterized by high levels of keendemikian wildlife especially birds. Twenty-three species of birds found on the island of Banda Volcano is an endemic species in Endemic Bird Areas
 Potential Natural Park Mountain of Fire Island Banda.
- Views of the beach and the sea is very beautiful naturally composed.
- Diversified fauna typical.
- Various types of flora.
Facilities Natural Park Mountain of Fire Island Banda.
- Keep one cottage.
- One fruit of Speed ​​Boat Dock and Garage.
- There are few hotels or lodging in Banda Neira.

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