Charm of "Tanjung Bunga Beach".

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Name : Tanjung Bunga Beach.
Located : Home town of Bangka Belitung, Indonesia.
Description : This beach is located between the beach sands of rice, which is known in advance, with the beach Sampur. If taken from the airport Pangkal Pinang Pangkalpinang, not so much. Simply by riding a taxi, about half an hour we had arrived at the beach that has this unique characteristic.
 This beach is dominated by reddish rocks. This is what Rice memebedakan with a sloping sand beach with yellow sand, and beach Sampur
  Some time ago, Cape Coast Flowers is located in the capital city of the Pacific Islands Province Islands this region could be mine unconventional (IT), mining of lead-managed by the community independently. As a result, various damage occurred at this beach. As with other illegal mining in this area then came the hole - hole former tin mining. At the urging of environmentalists, then the location is indeed experiencing a personal dispute because there is felt to have land on the beach, carried out the relocation. Provincial Government through the Tourism department finally do the rescue by creating a site plan area of Tanjung Bunga Tourism considering the rather large potential.
  The uniqueness of the Cape Coast area of ​​interest is the presence of beach rocks arranged neat and pretty, and for its tourist attractions Tanjung Bunga object is very suitable in the adventure along the coast and the hilly nature, and is perfect for day trips with the family to enjoy the beauty of this beach.

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