Visit "Musee Du Louvre".

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Name : Musee Du Louvre.
Location : Perancis.
Description : Musee du Louvre is the largest museum in the world that dibanun in the Middle Ages. The museum is fully capture the 100-year history of France. Jacques Chirac, the former mayor of Paris, when he was prime minister is concerned that the Palace of the Louvre. Louvre palace, he saw, overshadowed by the Eiffel Tower. As a result, the palace was empty of visitors.

   Louvre palace converted into a museum after the French Revolution. The extent of approximately 198,000 square feet or half the Vatican City. This is the most historic places in France. On the east and south of the palace complex, this is the Musee du Louvre is located. Musse des Arts Decorative located at Pavillon de Marsan, as a museum for art crafts. People who are instrumental in the development or refinement of this Louvre, among them Francois I and Henry II (1546-1559), Catherine de Medici (1559-1572), Henry IV (1594-1610), Louis XIII (1624-1627), Louis XIV (1659-1673), Napoleon I (1808-1814), and Napoleon III (1852-1868).

   At the other end of the Champ Elysee, agan sights will find is the building resembles a large gate. Arch de Triomphe was built in 1806 Napoleon as a symbol of French victory. Unfortunately, "The Short" trigger Napoleon was overthrown before the building was completed was established.

   Louvre Museum has around 300,000 works of art. Painting is one of space, in addition to four other space saving art from the region, Greco-Roman, Egyptian, and the sculpture room. How to get into the museum is quite unique. In the field inside the Louvre palace complex there is a glass pyramid shaped building, surrounded by ponds and fountains. From this door, with escalators, prospective visitors were taken to the basement with modern building design.

    Door named Sully and Denon will bring tourists to the painting section. This is where the accumulated hundreds of paintings. From painting the size of "one house" until the size of a two-page picture book. Largest collection, the set of paintings from art school French, Italian, Spanish, British, and Dutch, of course, painting old days.
In addition, the Louvre is also a giant gallery masterpiece, such as painting JL David titled Potrait of Madame Racamier and painting of Mona Lisa and The Virgin of the Rock by Leonardo da Vinci.     Jacques Chirac new ideas materialized in 1981, by adding a magnificent glass pyramid-American architect named IM Pei. Under the de Louvre museum complex, built a shopping area and convention areas that have advanced facilities. Starting from the door with fingerprint code to access wireless internet.     Pyramid became the entrance to the museum. You simply go down the elevator, around the bottom of the pyramid, then enter the hallway leading to the above, the Musee du Louvre is located. Shopping center and the museum's entrance can be accessed directly from the Rue du Rivoli. Inside the shopping center there is a mounted miniature inverted glass pyramid called a la Pyramide Inversee.    The two buildings complement each other: like fruit that complements the work of modern civilization of ancient buildings. The new building is like giving a strong magnetic power, which makes the old building became a tourist attraction, which is about 30 thousand tourists a day. 

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