White beaches and crystal water.

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Name : Lanikai Oahu Beach.
Location : Hawaii.
Description : Lanikai beach is one of Hawaii's most beautiful beaches with fine white sand and excellent swimming all year round thanks to an offshore reef that makes the water calm. This beach is ideal for small children and people who like to surf, such as to compete with the wave. Less than one mile offshore of two small islands (bird sanctuary).

 Sand of Lanikai Oahu.
   Lanikai Kailua is located on the corner of the city, surrounded by hills, and an exclusive residential neighborhood built around a sea adds to the charm of the beaches. In the years went by Lanikai was without peer. Finally the word out and Lanikai is featured prominently in many publications (including TV). 

 Lanikai Oahu of up.
   Unfortunately this turned out to the beach is so quiet and peaceful to be a popular trip for visitors from other parts of the island. Mile long beach has also lost a lot of sand is valuable for erosion in recent years and almost half the size it once was. However, Lanikai cannot but help those who do not reminisce on the beach past.

  Beach picture !
   One of Hawaii’s best swimming beaches and frequently ranked among the world’s nicest beaches, the dreamy Lanikai Beach is a hidden gem known for its soft sands and aquamarine/blue water massaged by gentle onshore trade winds.

Lanikai Oahu  
   About half of this now half-mile long beach on Oahu’s windward coast has disappeared in recent years due to seawalls built along the shore, so perhaps you should enjoy what is left while you can. The postcard perfect beach is like a saltwater swimming pool. Lanikai means “heavenly sea,” and aptly describes these crystal azure waters nestled in fine white sparkling sand and swaying palms, and with an offshore reef that keeps the water near shore very calm. 

Picture Lanikai Oahu.
  Having lured many models and photographers over the years, Lanikai is a very popular spot for photo shoots. No surprise considering the breathtaking scenery and surreal surroundings that the locale has to offer.

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