Travelling to one of the world heritage, Shilin stone forest in China.

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Name : Shilin - Stone Forest.
Location : China
Description : Shilin - Forest of Stone or Stone Forest is a large stone lined and extensive natural forests in China. In 2007, this place was made ​​in one of the world heritage by UNESCO, and of course protected by the government around.

Shilin stone forest in China.
    A set of leading forest in karst formations located in the city of the Autonomous Shilin, Yunnan Province, People's Republic of China, about 120 kilometers (75 miles) from Kunming, the provincial capital. Special high stone like a stone castle comes from the land that formed the stalagmite, so it looks like a petrified tree from the forest, creating the illusion that everything is made of stone.
Stone of Chilin China.
   Two sections of the rock sites are included in world heritage is Naigu Stone Forest (乃 古 石林) and Suogeyi Village (所 各 邑 村). Shilin National Scenic Area has an area of ​​350 square kilometers (140 square miles) and is divided into seven fields of view.

   Two of the seven landscape that has become the world's heritage has been mentioned above, while the remainder, five others, among others:
(1). Bigger & Small Stone Forest, also known as Lizijing Stone Forest,
(2) Zhiyun Cave,
(3) Lake Chang,
(4) Lake Yue,
(5) Dadie Waterfall.


The stones are arranged very neatly.
stones that form a very beautiful carvings.
stone forest surrounded by green grass.
The stones that can change color if exposed to sunlight.

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