The beauty of Enchantment "Margogi Beach"

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Name : Margogi Beach.
Located : Alagoas, Brasil.
Description : Maragogi (25 726 inhabitants) is located in 130 km from Recife South and 125 km north of MaceiĆ³. Maragogi is a city located on the north coast of the state of Alagoas, Brazil, an area with good beaches surrounded by palm trees and sunny weather throughout the year. The main objective in the state of Alagoas after the capital, Maragogi attracts visitors from MaceiĆ³ and Recife. Offering a calm-wave beaches, coral reefs and a large natural pool known as the Gales. From Japaratinga beach, at the south end, across the River ferryboat Porto das Pedras Manguaba to, where visitors find the beach is almost empty.
  Tropical Maragogi beach originally a small village called Gamela. In 1887 it was granted city status and adopted the name of Isabella, in honor of the Princess of Brazil signed a bill ending slavery in Brazil. Then in 1892, was named after the river that Maragogi baths in the city. “tropical Maragogi beach“, according to some historians, comes from the word “-gy Marahubi”, or the river tribes Marauba.
Snorkeling in a tropical island beach in Maragogi
Seeing the beauty of coral reefs on the coast Maragogi

 Playing with the fish.
Welcome to Maragogi Beach
   Maragogi Hostel has a restaurant and bar / lounge. Wireless internet access available in public areas (surcharge applies). With an additional fee, guests have access to an airport shuttle (available upon request). Guest parking is free. The staff can offer tour / ticket assistance, tour assistance, translation services, and a surcharge. Additional facilities include a nightclub, roof terrace, and a library. This property has a special area of ​​smoking.

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