Depok Beach

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Name : Pantai Depok
Located : Bantul, Jogjakarta, Indonesia.
Description : Million charm offered Depok Beach in Bantul regency, Yogyakarta. Successive waves breaking on the beach. South beach waves that awaited the tourists on the beach to enjoy the happiness of playing the water with family.

   It was a pleasant sight beneath the clouds sag when I travel to Depok Beach, this Parangtritis. Depok Beach is one part of the south coast which is relatively more quiet than parangtritis visitors.
   Among the other beaches in the area of ​​Bantul, Depok Beach is looking at is designed to be the center of culinary tours to enjoy sea food. On this beach, available a number of traditional food stalls offering seafood, lined up not far from the beach. Some food stalls were intentionally designed to face south, so while enjoying seafood, you can see the ocean with the waves are big.

 On the beach this depok culinary snacks also served grilled fish on the stall / shop / restaurant at the edge of the beach huts at affordable prices (relatively cheap). On the beach this Depok, provided much entertainment that can make visitors feel at home for long enjoyed the sound waves south coast. Entertainment among other things: a kite, fish markets, fish bid on fishing boats just sail, roasted corn and lunch on the beach.

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